What is a Sleepaway Camp?

You might be wondering how to define a “sleepaway camp.” It’s a very important distinction because summer camps that are not sleepaway offer very different experiences.

Sleepaway Camps

You can learn a lot about summer camp terms and definitions on this camp dictionary page. But let’s focus on what makes a sleepaway camp.

Sometimes a “sleepaway” camp is also called an “overnight” camp. This means that girls come and spend the night at camp for several days or weeks at a time, not going home for the night.

Another term you might hear is “residential,” but no matter which term— overnight, sleepaway, or residential —joining a session at Rockbrook means you’ll sleep in a cabin at night.

On the other hand, some camps have campers only during the day. These are called “day camps.” Rockbrook does not have a day camp.

How about this for an understanding… “At Rockbrook, campers are residents who sleep away from home overnight.” 🙂

But where do you sleep (away) at camp?

We have simple wooden cabins— nice and cozy dry, with screens on the windows to allow the sounds and scents of the forest to pass through. Everyone has her own bed, some top bunks and other bottom bunks.  There are lights, but no electrical outlets (no need for those!). Except for the counselors, most everyone in your cabin will be about the same age (finishing the same grade), which makes it easy to have lots in common.  You’ll also eat meals with your cabin mates, so it’s easy to become quick friends.

Are you ready for the fun and adventure of camp?


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  1. Avatar for Anonymous
    17 years ago

    Hello, my name is Abby Marmer, and i am applying for camps and i am not quite sure if this is the one…
    Help me find out.
    Abigail M.

  2. Avatar for Marissa Duck
    Marissa Duck
    17 years ago

    I love horses more than I can ever say, my friend just told me there is a camp where the horse picks you. Do you do this at this camp? If not do you know camps that are near N.C., that do do that?

    Horse Lover,

    Marissa Duck