Welcome to Rockbrook Camp for Girls

Rockbrook is a sleepaway summer camp for girls located in the “heart of a wooded mountain” in western North Carolina. Founded over 100 years ago in 1921, our summer camp continues to provide an exciting and enriching, fun and formative, camp experience for girls and teens ages 6 – 16.

A Unique Camp Experience for Girls

Rockbrook provides a unique overnight summer camp program of recreation, adventure, creativity and fun. From horseback riding, whitewater rafting, pottery, and swimming to camp fires and exploring a chilly mountain stream, each day at camp is filled with new experiences and great opportunities to develop lasting friendships.

How it's so Special

Life at Camp

There’s a magic of fun and friendship, a real caring community, that feels 100% amazing.

See it in action in this short video!
Girls Horseback Riding

Horse Crazy?

Summer Horseback Riding Camps

The Rockbrook equestrian program combines qualified staff, experienced horses, and excellent facilities to create an atmosphere where girls can advance their horseback riding skills, expand their horsemanship knowledge, and enjoy riding with friends.

Learn about Riding at Camp

“My daughter came home just bubbling with self confidence! She had a wonderful counselor and I’m so pleased with how much she’s grown personally and socially. Absolutely priceless!”

Sports and Games

Rockbrook has a fun sports and games program for its campers. With an emphasis on fun and action, girls at camp can play different ball games, learn target shooting sports, heat up with field sports, and cool off at our unique mountain waterfront. There are seven different sports activities available.

Camp Sports
sports activities at camp

Explore your Creative Side

Rockbrook has an extensive arts and crafts program designed for its campers. With an emphasis on fun and creativity, girls at camp can be immersed in color while learning to weave, to throw a bowl on the potters wheel, to paint, to sew, and so much more! There are nine different craft activities available.

Camp Arts and Crafts
creative arts and crafts at camp

Outdoor Adventure

Paddle, Hike, Climb!

There’s adventure and outdoor thrills around every corner at Rockbrook. Blast through the rapids rafting and kayaking. Hit the trail for a backpacking or hiking trip. Scream through the trees on our zipline course. Rock climb to the top for an amazing view.

We’re outside at camp!

Adventure Activities
camp outdoor adventure


From the Blog

summer camp zipline crew

Decidedly Pink

What happens if Barbie goes to summer camp? Well, today we found out! It was a day of regular camp activities, but with a decidedly pink twist, as we unveiled a costume theme for the day. Today was Barbie Day! It’s no surprise that we love to dress up at Rockbrook. We love how dressing…
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good summer camp friends

Cheerful and Busy

Today was another cheerful and busy morning at Rockbrook, even more so than usual because we welcomed the campers attending the second of our July Mini sessions. This is the day when new friends arrive to join the full session girls who are already here at camp. The girls arriving seemed excited and bubbling with…
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Young camping kids

Her First Jovernight

It’s no surprise that camp has a lot to do with embracing new experiences. The girls are meeting new people, often eating new foods, and trying new activities. They’re away from the familiarities of home and immersed in a uniquely exciting environment, but feeling some uncertainty along the way. Naturally, younger campers, or those who…
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