Yoga is an activity where campers practice physical movements and breathing exercises to increase flexibility, tone, and relaxation. Our studio is in the Hillside Lodge, one of the original camp stone buildings constructed in the 1920s. With colorful mats spread across the beautiful hardwood flooring in front of a 4-foot stone fireplace, we hold our yoga camp classes.

Yoga for Girls

Did she just say Adho Mukha Svanasana?! Don’t worry, our instructors will give you all the guidance you need to try the “Downward Facing Dog” pose.

Let’s try Vrikshasana, the “Tree” pose. Slowly and carefully, you’ll be able to balance on one foot with arms stretched high.

Now rest with the Balasana, “Child’s” pose. Calm and tension-free.

Practiced Flexibility

The careful movements and poses of yoga lead to greater joint and muscle flexibility.

Whether sitting, standing or lying down, each position focuses your attention on different muscles in your body.

As different muscle groups gently warm and stretch, yoga improves coordination and strength.

And Breathe!

It feels great to spend a few minutes centering. Come away from the yoga activity feeling relaxed and with a big smile. Carry that calm, good feeling through the whole day.

After just a few minutes of doing yoga, together with your friends, you’ll feel healthier and more at ease.

Camp yoga is fun!

Summer Camp Yoga

child doing yoga pose at summer camp

Rockbrook Camp yoga instructors introduce campers to basic yoga poses and motions, using traditional techniques to lead them toward the benefits of yoga. Visualization exercises and meditation provide a chance for girls to catch their breath and find relaxation during a busy camp day.

Instructors provide age-appropriate guidance, as well as a grounding presence for the campers. As the girls’ experience grows, so does their confidence. With lavender oil in the air, girls may take a standard pose and try the “extra step” with next level of stretching and breathing. From the restorative Downward-Facing Dog” to the very challenging “Crow Pose,” there is almost an unlimited range of movements and poses that camp girls can explore.

This activity is particularly welcoming for those who have never tried yoga before. The instructors select calming music and provide clear directions and modification suggestions for the campers based on their individual abilities. Taking concentrated time on each pose helps girls practice patience and focus as they meet challenges.