Painting and drawing is the perfect activity to introduce girls to the techniques, concepts and materials used to paint and draw in different media. Girls work with  pencils, pens, oil pastels, charcoal, water colors, and tempera paints.

Girl showing her drawing
Mixing and blending colors with special brush methods make painting with watercolors fun and surprising.
First learn to sketch broad shapes with pencil on paper, and then shade areas with multiple colors of acrylic paints.
Acrylic Painting Kids
Oil Pastel Drawing
Oil Pastels provide vivid, rich colors that are perfect for layering. It’s also fun to carve the layers to make interesting textures.

Learning to paint or to draw begins with a feeling of freedom to experiment, to create without any sense of whether you’re “good” at it or not.  The Rockbrook instructors help by teaching various painting and drawing techniques and then presenting lots of projects to encourage practice. You’ll learn the basics of color palettes, form, composition, perspective, texture, shading, brush techniques, and how the different materials work.

The Painting and Drawing activity also let’s you try different types of paint, water colors and acrylics, pencils and markers, ink, oil pastels, and every combination you can imagine.  It’s common for the instructors to introduce these kinds of mixed media projects.

Of course, being with other girls also taking Painting and Drawing makes this activity even more fun.  You might be outside painting a landscape or on the porch of Hobby Nook, but no matter what you’ll be with good camp friends!

Camp Painting Class