The Gymnastics activity at Rockbrook combines an introduction to gymnastics movement, core skills, and friendly instruction designed to help campers improve their flexibility, balance and confidence. The camp gymnastics studio is located on one side our the Rockbrook gym building and includes a runway tumbling mat, full-size balance beam, and stationary high bar.

Girls can explore gymnastics as a recreational sport and as a way for personal growth. Our gymnastics instructors spend time offering classes on fundamental techniques and skills, using games and group activities to match every girl’s level of experience.

Summer Camp Gymnastics

Gymnastics for Girls

Gymnastics tricks are really fun! Everyone starts with more basic moves, and then progresses through more advanced skills.

Learn how to do a cartwheel, a handstand, or even a back flip!

Experienced gymnastics staff are there to introduce skills, coach techniques, and provide safety spotting.

Learning Gymnastics at Camp

Each class always begins with a series of stretching exercises to warm up muscles and improve everyone’s flexibility.

Begin with the low beam and work up the competition-size balanced beam, perfecting foot placement and core balancing techniques.

Focus and concentration is key!

Gymnastics for Life!

Gymnastics is more than just a specialized sport requiring amazing movements. It can also be a lifelong sport that boosts physical self-confidence, strength and resilience for future activities.

Build core strength and practice your balance and swinging skills on the high bar in the Rockbrook gym.

Camp gymnastics is all about being active with friends, and having fun together!

summer camp girls pyramid

Rockbrook has traditional gymnastics equipment like the beam, bars, spring board, and tumbling floor. Flexibility, balance, and strength training are achieved through practicing tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics, and the balance beam. On the balance beam, the girls progress through basic skills like foot placement and core muscle control to more advanced moves and dismounts.

Once campers are confident in the basics, they can move to different activities like the high bar, mini trampoline, and advanced floor exercises. For example, some girls like to do flips with the mini trampoline, while others spend time exploring and learning tumbling and floor exercises like a back walkover.

At Rockbrook, each day in the gymnastics activity girls find a blend of skill-building workshops, individual challenges, and opportunities to showcase talents. No matter what level or experience a camper might have, there is a way to have fun and improve their gymnastics skills.

Girls that have never tried gymnastics before can gain greater flexibility, strength, and confidence in the power of their bodies. After practicing a new move, it’s a great thrill to finally do a tricky move confidently.

Campers can learn new skills and get exercise, all in a supportive environment with their friends. It’s amazing what moves girls can make when they put their minds to it!

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