Camp Arts & Crafts

Rockbrook has an amazing variety of arts and crafts activities for its campers.

With an emphasis on fun and creativity, girls at camp can be immersed in color while learning to weave, to throw a bowl on the potters wheel, to paint, to sew, and so much more!

Crafts at Rockbrook are fun and social, taught with an attitude of experimentation and encouragement.


Pottery —Take clay and press it into a slab, roll it into a coil or a ball, or spin it on the potter’s wheel to make cups, bowls and fun sculptures. Paint on glazes, and after a kiln firing, your ceramic creation will be beautiful.

Jewelry Making — Learn to tie a friendship bracelet from string. Twist and bend wire to make a ring or necklace.  Add colorful beads of all shapes and sizes, and you can make amazing jewelry for your friends.

Weaving — Learn the ancient art of weaving using many different types of looms. Weave a colorful cloth placemat. Make a woven belt, a basket from reeds, or a potholder using finger weaving.

Needlecrafts — Take colorful yarns and threads, and by using hooks, sewing needles, other knitting tools, explore how to knit, crochet, embroider, and cross stitch. Make a hat, or decorate something with an embroidered design.

Hodge Podge — Fold and twist a white t-shirt, tie it together with rubber bands, and add a rainbow of dyes; it’s tie dyeing, a camp classic! We’ll also decorate sparkly headbands, tie knot pillows, make mosaics, sock puppets and more.


Painting and Drawing — Learn how to sketch and shade figures in pencil. Compose realistic still life drawings and use acrylic, water color and tempura paints to create complex abstract works of art you can hang on the wall.

Papercrafts — This crafts activity uses different colors and textures of paper. Cut, fold, and layer pieces to make scrapbooks, memory boxes, cards, books and calendars. Make a card to mail home from camp!

Folklore — Here we focus on traditional crafts like making dolls from corn husks and wooden thread spools. Learn to sew by hand and make quilt pillows. Dip candles into colorful melted wax and make scented soaps.

Woodworking — This craft activity focuses on learning the core skills needed to make things from wood.  Using hand tools, girls learn to measure, cut and join pieces of wood to fashion fun and functional creations.

historic camp craft cabin

Historic Settings

Craft Areas

Rockbrook’s arts and crafts activities are held in the historic buildings around camp. The “Curosty” cabin and the “Goodwill” cabin are both 19th century log buildings and make beautiful settings for weaving, needle crafts and paper crafts.

There are two pottery studios, a woodworking shop, and several open-air porches for our craft activities.


Creativity blossoms at Rockbrook!