Riflery is a sport that uses a gun with a long barrel, a “rifle,” to shoot bullets carefully aimed at a target. With the invention of gunpowder, rifle shooting has been used throughout history by hunters, by soldiers, by Olympic athletes… and by girls at Rockbrook Camp! Since its founding in 1921, Rockbrook has taught girls the fundamentals of riflery, the important safety procedures, the use and care of the equipment (guns and ammunition), and the various shooting techniques at our rifle range.

Riflery for Girls

Riflery is one of the most popular sports for the girls at Rockbrook, as it has been since the camp’s earliest days.

The Rockbrook riflery range is a 50 foot youth range located on the edge of the camp property. Its elevated platform accommodates multiple shooters and allows various rifle shooting postions. At camp, we shoot official NRA paper targets suspended on fixed frames.

Our rifles are .22 caliber, smallbore, rimfire guns. These guns are single shot, bolt action, rifles using traditional iron sights. Campers shoot .22 short ammunition. Guns and ammunition are always stored separately and locked away.

Learning Riflery at Camp

Never shot a real gun before? Don’t worry! Even the youngest girls can learn to shoot safely at Rockbrook. We have the right sized equipment for every sized camper, from smaller and lighter guns to heavier, competition rifles.

After learning important safety rules and range commands, girls also learn how to load, aim, and fire their rifles at their targets. Campers progress through different shooting positions as their skills develop.

The Rockbrook riflery instructors are NRA or CMP certified and eager to help.

Shoot a Bullseye!

Wearing ear and eye protection, you’ll become familiar with the fundamental skills of shooting: aiming with your dominant eye, gripping the rifle, body position, proper breathing and trigger control.

You have five bullets to shoot per round, and if any one hits the innermost circle of the target, that’s a bullseye! You have now joined the well-known Rockbrook “Bullseye Club.”

The challenge and reward of rifle target shooting add up to a lot of fun and excitement at riflery.

Summer Camp Riflery

camp girl carefully aiming rifle

Certified instructors teach campers about protective gear and the all-important rifle range commands. Girls also spend time learning about how to operate the bolt action, safety, and tigger of the guns. Next, they spend time focusing on how to aim using the stationary rifle sights, and standard marksmanship techniques.

How old do you have to be to try riflery? Target rifle shooting is a sports activity open to campers of all ages. We have beginner rifles sized for younger girls, and our staff are always there managing the range and coaching as needed. For a beginner marksman, getting your first shot “in the black” is always a great thrill!

What if you don’t want to take riflery? That’s fine too! Nobody is forced to take an activity at Rockbrook if they do not want to.

Are there different shooting positions? Yes! Most of the girls shoot lying down on a thin mat (prone position), but more advanced campers can try sitting, kneeling, and even a standing position.

Riflery target shooting is scored by adding up the points each bullet earns when it hits the target. A shot into the perfect center of the target is worth 10 points, with each progressive ring outwards being worth one point less. When shooting a round of 5 shots, a score of 25 or higher is really good! And of course, it’s always exciting to hit a bullseye.

When campers begin to shoot more consistently and hit higher scores, they can pass through a series of NRA ratings and earn special “Light Rifle Qualification” awards, like the “Pro-Marksman,” “Marksman,” “Marksman First Class,” “Sharpshooter,” and “Expert” ratings.

Campers learn that using a firearm is a serious responsibility, that safety is always paramount. They gain concentration skills and understand the value of calm, self control. In riflery, they experience first-hand how practice and focused attention to improving yields real results. For some target rifle marksmanship can become a lifetime sport.