The Rockbrook riflery program teaches campers the principles of safe rifle target shooting. Instructors for the activity receive National Rifle Association training and certification, ensuring a safe learning experience at the covered shooting range.

Learn about the protective gear of riflery, range commands, and how to shoot a real rifle!
Camp Riflery instruction
Girl shooting rifle
Control your breathing and pull the trigger slowly to make a steady shot at the target.
Get ready to show off your sharp shooting skills once you finish practice and get your target paper.
Rifle bullseye target display

Campers learn the safety rules of the rifle range and spend time practicing basic techniques. It also takes some time to get used to the loud sound and smell of guns going off! Instructors help the girls to have smooth trigger control and relaxed breathing, so their shots are steady with proper aim.

Rockbrook girls use real guns! Everyone shoots real .22 caliber guns, and our youngest girls use “youth” specific rifles that also shoot .22 caliber ammo. This means the bullets are small 22/100ths of an inch in diameter. As another measure of safety we use “short” rimfire ammunition, the lowest power for the rifles we use. And don’t worry, guns and ammunition are always stored separately and locked away.

Girls practice and practice to develop their marksmanship skills. When they can consistently hit higher scores, they can pass through a series of NRA ratings and earn special “Light Rifle Qualification” awards, like the “Pro-Marksman,” “Marksman,” “Marksman First Class,” “Sharpshooter,” and “Expert” ratings. There are also tournaments with Camp Carolina for Boys!

Riflery takes a lot of focus, patience, and practice. When campers get a bullseye, they are added to the RBC Bullseye Club and have their name announced in the dining hall. This traditional camp activity has girls signing up for it year after year!

Girl aiming rifle