fun summer camps
Everyday at Rockbrook there’s a chance to have fun by dressing up. Be a granny, a silly superhero, or some other crazy character!
Throughout every week, there are fun camp special events. Get ready to cover yourself with shaving cream, get wet at a water carnival, or just enjoy an all-camp cookout. One highlight each session is a camp dance with one of the local boys camps.
Fun Camps
Summer Camp Fun
Rockbrook is full of fun surprises. You never know when there’ll be a trip to sliding rock, a “jungle breakfast,” or even a yummy treat at Dolly’s Dairy Bar!
Rockbrook’s “Spirit Fire” is a tradition that brings the whole camp together for songs, recognitions and reflections. It’s a beautiful way to finish up each session.
Fun Camp

Throughout every camp session there are special events, theme days, cabin skits, all-camp games, and surprise parties to mix up the fun. For example, girls can look forward to a surprise dance party, a fun birthday celebration dinner, or perhaps a dress-up karaoke concert. Another event held each session is the “Miss RBC” talent show, a mock group performance that’s always hilarious.

Everyone’s favorite special event is the end-of-session Banquet. This is a surprise dinner planned by the 9th grade campers. It has elaborate decorations, costumes, choreographed dances, performances, songs, and of course, extra special food. It’s always such a big surprise to find out the theme for each session’s Banquet!

Fun Summer Camps Dinner