Always a Surprise

Fun Special Events

In addition to regular activities, each day at Rockbrook includes
surprise special events.

There’s always a chance to have fun dressing up.  Be a granny, a nature goddess, a zany superhero, or some other crazy character!

Throughout each week, there are exciting announcements about all-camp parties, concerts, talent shows, and trips off-camp.

Get ready to cover yourself with shaving cream, get wet at a water carnival, or frolic at an all-camp cookout.


Super Silly Fun

Girls look forward to dance parties, costume theme days, all-camp birthday celebrations, cabin skits, and dress-up evening programs.

There are trips to Sliding Rock, treats from the local ice cream shop (Dolly’s!), and a dance each session with one of the local boys camps.

Session Banquet

Everyone’s favorite special event is the end-of-session Banquet. This is a surprise dinner planned by the 9th grade campers. It has elaborate decorations, costumes, choreographed dances, performances, songs, and of course, extra special food.

It’s a camp party like no other!

Spirit Fire

Rockbrook’s “Spirit Fire” is our closing campfire ceremony. Dating back to the camp’s first year, this event brings the whole camp together for songs, recognitions and reflections.

It’s a tradition beautifully suited to closing each session of camp.