Rock climbing on the camp property, pulling up on the indoor wall, scaling the 3-sided challenge tower, bouldering with skilled instructors, rappelling down 200 foot cliffs, and spending all day on rock routes in the nearby National Forest—

Rockbrook Camp girls are climbing!

Learn Rock Climbing

On belay? The belay is on! …and at Rockbrook, it’s on almost everyday!

Whether you’ve never put on a harness, or you’ve always wanted to climb outdoors on a real rock, or you’re an advanced climber with experience pulling 5.10 overhanging cracks, Rockbrook can keep you climbing.

There’s really no better place in NC for girls to climb at camp.

Climb with Friends

Climbing at Rockbrook means joining a supportive, friendly community where everyone is encouraged. Each small-group climbing trip is more fun because everyone lifts each other up.

Yes, you are wearing the harness and you’re the one tied to the rope, but your friends are cheering you on from the ground.

At Rockbrook, the thrill of climbing happens together.

Amazing Climbs Right in Camp

Right on the Rockbrook property you can climb several excellent rock climbing routes on our private slab called Castle Rock. Some are perfect for beginners and others will definitely challenge you.

Our 50-foot climbing tower is a one-of-a-kind, high-ropes challenge course. Six climbers at a time can make their way up dozens of different routes.

Rockbrook also has an indoor climbing wall with more routes than you can count. There’s a corner, a crack, and an overhang… something for every skill level.

The Best Climbing in the Southeast

This part of western North Carolina is world famous for rock climbing, and we have awesome access! In addition to all the climbing we have in camp, we take out-of-camp trips to the several nearby crags and bouldering areas.

Looking Glass Rock, Cedar Rock, Linville Gorge, and Rumbling Bald are just some of the North Carolina climbing areas we explore.

It’s impossible to run out of routes.

On Belay!

Summer Camp Climbing

Here’s a short video showing all the rock climbing opportunities at Rockbrook.

We’re climbing something almost everyday!

Climbing and Rappelling

Rock climbing has become perhaps the most popular outdoor adventure activity at Rockbrook. With so many climbing options available, great friends and knowledgeable instructors to climb with, and modern, safe equipment to use, it’s no surprise so many girls love climbing at camp. Just about everyone at Rockbrook gets involved in this activity.

Girls of all ages sign up for climbing and rappelling. They learn all about the important safety concepts for climbing, how to handle the equipment (ropes, harnesses, shoes, helmets, belay and anchor hardware), as well as the essential techniques to climb (knots, belay commands, balancing principles, foot and hand work, friction and crack methods).

It doesn’t take long for girls to improve their rock climbing skills and build their climbing strength during their camp session. With coaching, encouragement and tips from our climbing instructors, their passion and experience for the sport of climbing really helps as girls solve the climbing puzzles each route presents.

Let’s not forget the incredible long distant views of the blue ridge mountains that await when you turn around at the top of a climb. Beautiful!

Rockbrook is also fortunate to have excellent rock climbing on its property just a short hike from the center of camp. Castle Rock offers some really great climbing and bouldering opportunities. We’ve developed 6 different routes on the rock— a zig-zaging hand crack, a challenging short finger crack, an exposed face route, and an interesting dihedral feature.

Rockbrook’s activities in the Pisgah National Forest are authorized under a USDA Forest Service permit.

Learn more about all the Rock Climbing at Rockbrook!

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