The Rockbrook swimming lake is fed by a mountain stream, so it will definitely cool you off on a hot summer day! There are many different swimming related activities that happen at the lake, some thrilling and some relaxing. As you would expect at a swimming camp, all swim staff members hold current Lifeguard and/or Water Safety Instructor certifications.

Water slide thrill
Catch a thrill and zoom down our 75-foot waterslide plunging into the chilly lake below!
Keep your eye on the prize: 200 laps gets you into the Mermaid Club, and a special treat at the end of the session.
Camp Swimming Laps for Fun
Lake Swimming Camp
Want to cool off or just relax? Come to the lake to take a leisurely swim and hang out in an inner tube.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone at the lake, campers complete a brief swimming evaluation at the beginning of camp. There are lifejackets available for anyone just learning how to swim for the first time. Luckily, girls can sign up for Swimming as one of their activities and take a class with a small group of other girls. Since 1921, Rockbrook has offered swimming instruction to campers of all skill levels. They focus on swim topics like water safety, treading water, strokes, breathing, and using a diving board. Sometimes, girls can even sign up for individualized lessons as well.

In addition to structured swimming classes, the swimming lake is available for “free swim” during the free periods that are before lunch and right before dinner. This can be a great way to cool off after a morning hike or sweaty horseback riding session. A favorite free swim activity is to take advantage of the water slide by climbing up a 30-foot tower and sliding down the 75-foot slide into the cool lake, usually screaming all the way down!

Campers also enjoy playing in or lounging on inner tubes and playing games like “Categories”. In “Categories,” one camper picks out a category like “Favorite Ice Cream.” As each girl individually jumps off of the dock into the water, they shout their favorite flavor of ice cream. There is also a Mermaid Club, where campers and counselors work to swim 200 laps across a certain distance in the lake.

camp swimming girls