Hiking through the woods, across the mountains, and along the trails— Life at camp gives you almost endless chances to wander within nature. At Rockbrook, there’s natural beauty around every turn.

Rockbrook Camp girls are hiking!

Hiking Adventures

Everyday at camp, there’s a chance to explore the incredible forests, overlooks and waterfalls of this area of North Carolina. Whether along the trails right here on the Rockbrook Camp property, or on one of the hundreds of options in the nearby State and National Forests, we’ve got plenty of hikes happening.

There’s some kind of hike everyday at camp, and every trip includes relaxing conversation, beautiful sights, and memorable moments.

Carry what you need and see what’s out there!

Day Hiking

A day hike is a hike that you finish in one day. At Rockbrook Camp, you can hike less than a mile and see a 300-foot waterfall. You can take the morning and visit one of the highest peaks in the east, complete with a 360-degree view. We might take a “wet and wild” hike that means scrambling over rocks along a stream bed, staying cool and splashing along the way.

For longer day hikes you might carry a small “day pack” with snacks and a water bottle, or other “just-in-case” supplies. On shorter trips, you can “go light,” and find the joy in just walking along lightly, soaking in the richness of the forest.


Backpacking refers to hiking that includes camping overnight in the outdoors, and often involves carrying a larger backpack to hold camping gear like a sleeping bag, tent, food, and other supplies.

Rockbrook backpacking trips last for one or two nights. Groups of 6-10 campers make their way to more remote areas, traveling on uniquely scenic trails.

Nothing beats waking up in the wilderness and cooking breakfast around the campfire with your friends!

Hiking and Backpacking for Girls

camp hiking kids

Hiking and backpacking are natural outdoor adventure activities at Rockbrook. Every camper has the opportunity to explore (by foot!) all of the amazing natural beauty of this area. Simply being here at camp provides many of the benefits of hiking: the thrill of being outside, a feeling of well-being with friends, and an appreciation of the natural world.

As girls become more comfortable in the outdoors, their desire to explore new areas grows. Optional half-day hiking trips are the perfect way to join a group of friends heading to an overlook, a swimming hole hidden in the woods, or a lush forest trail following a small stream. When ready for even more adventure, backpacking for a few days in the wilderness leads to special areas far away from civilization.

Rockbrook follows Leave No Trace (LNT) principles during all of its hiking and backpacking activities.

Don’t underestimate the benefits of hiking too. Beyond the physical benefits associated with the adventure of hiking —like developing stamina and improved strength— there are real skills to be gained: knowledge of safety principles, teamwork approaches, leadership skills, map reading and pack management techniques (planning, packing, carrying), for example. There are also plenty of psychological benefits to hiking: feelings of calm well-being inspired by nature, moments of wonder and creativity, and a sense of accomplishment, optimism and self-confidence. Getting outside for a hike is really good for you!

Rockbrook’s activities in the Pisgah National Forest are authorized under a USDA Forest Service permit.

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