Needlecraft is another fiberarts craft activity offered at Rockbrook. It focuses on using colorful yarns, strings, threads and other fibers to practice the traditional arts of knitting, crocheting, embroidery and decorative sewing. Campers learn basic stitches and other techniques to make personalized creative projects.

Needlecraft for Girls

Needlecraft is the activity where girls learn to knit, to crochet and to embroider. Using knitting needles, crochet hooks, and sewing needles, they twist and stitch yarns and threads in repeated patterns.

Gather on the porch of the historic log cabin called “Curosty” and with the relaxing sounds of the nearby creek, chat with friends also exploring the fun of working with yarn.

Knitting and needlepoint (cross-stitch, embroidery) are traditional crafts that have been popular with Rockbrook girls since it’s first days. It’s neat to think that generations of girls are sharing this art form!

Learning Needlecrafts at Camp

Camp is the perfect place to begin a life-long interest and build basic skills in these age-old traditional crafts. Grab those knitting needles or a crochet hook and choose a yarn to begin.

The needlecraft staff will show you how to start, to tie your first stitch, or thread a sewing needle for embroidering your camp bucket hat.

With each added stitch, colors combine in unique ways, and the girls become even more excited by their progress. It feels really good to take simple materials and learn how to transform them into beautiful masterpieces.

Foundations of Creativity

From threading their first needle to watching a chain of crochet stitches grow, needlecraft builds a foundation of skills. We emphasize patience and mindfulness, and encourage campers to immerse themselves fully in the process of creating rather than being concerned about the end result.

This approach fosters a spirit of exploration and allows each girl to progress at her own pace, developing self-confidence and comfort in her craft.

Each project is a self-directed chance for personal expression and creativity, with the girls discovering the joys of making art themselves.

Summer Camp Needle Crafts

needle craft girl with ring knitter

The needlecrafts activity at Rockbrook takes place on the back porch of the 19th-century log cabin we call “Curosty.” This is a cool, shaded spot just above a gurgling mountain creek and surrounded by beautiful hemlock trees and rhododendron bushes. Girls sit around a bright red painted table on the porch as they explore all the ins and outs of Needlecraft.

The campers select their own projects in Needlecraft. Our instructors have example completed projects on display, so it’s easy to see what can be made. Likewise, the girls can choose what techniques seem most interesting to them. Knitting, whether using large knitting needles or the “nifty knitter” rings are popular. Crocheting is also fun because the linked stitches can be made into 3D objects. Bring an item of clothing and you can embroider a design on it!

Like every new skill, it takes some practice to get the hang of these needlecraft arts. From threading your first needle with embroidery floss, to keeping the right tension on the yarn while knitting, the whole process becomes more enjoyable and rewarding with time. The friendly and encouraging environment really adds to each girl growing more confident in the art.

Needlecraft is a place of laughter, learning, and creative expression. It provides a classic camp experience where girls can develop a lifelong love of working with yarns and being creative.

needlecraft art kids at camp