Carter family summer camp directors

Our Directors

Sarah and Jeff

Sarah and Jeff Carter are the owners and directors of Rockbrook.

Sarah began working at RBC in 1985 as a counselor and has served full-time as the Assistant Director. She holds a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University, and has many years experience working with children and parents, both as a teacher and as an administrator.

Jeff attended Davidson College, earned a master’s from Harvard University, and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He began working at RBC in 1988 as a hiking and climbing guide, and has directed the Castle Rock Institute, a college outdoor program associated with Rockbrook.

Sarah and Jeff live in Brevard, North Carolina year-round with their 17-year-old daughter Eva, their 13-year-old daughter Lily, and their 2-year old dog Felix.

Jerry Stone

Jerry Stone is the Director Emeritus at Rockbrook. He began working as a camp director in 1961. Since 1967, he has held various positions with Rockbrook in North Carolina, and has been the director at Rockbrook since 1984, until Jeff and Sarah took over in 2008.

During the summer he can be found telling campers stories, greeting alumnae, and providing encouragement for everything happening at cmap.

Wendy Manner

Wendy Manner is the Staff Director at Rockbrook. Going to camp as a kid and then later working as a counselor helped Wendy learn more camp songs than any person should know. After graduating from Appalachian State University with a BA in English, Wendy worked with at-risk families and youth in therapeutic and residential settings. Wendy and her family moved to Brevard in 2010 where they enjoy singing all those camp songs on long hikes and long days in the garden.

Casey Blair

Casey Blair is the Program Director at Rockbrook. She began working at camp as a Junior Line cabin counselor and has had the opportunity to be the Junior Linehead, the Middler Linehead, and the Staff Coordinator during her five summers spent at camp. After graduating from Centre College with a degree in Studio Art, she earned her MAT in Elementary Education from the University of Louisville and spent two months teaching a 4th grade classroom. Casey can now be seen at recruitment parties, in her office planning special events and camp activities for the upcoming summer, or petting Felix – our camp dog!

Jeanne Wilson

Jeanne Wilson is one of the Office Directors at Rockbrook. She is our camp registrar and heads up all of our camper enrollment. She graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Psychology and German. Guten Tag! Before moving to Brevard in 2011, she had lived in Miami, FL, Washington, DC and Brooklyn, NY. Jeanne is one of the camps main points of contact for parents and loves to welcome our camp families on opening day. She’s been helping run the Rockbrook office since 2015. She loves an early morning polar bear plunge and can sometimes be seen cheering on mermaids as she lifeguards at the lake.

Annie Gustafson

Annie Gustafson is one of the Rockbrook Camp Office Directors. She is our social media guru (check out our Insta, Facebook, Pinterest, and more), she helps organize and design the camp gear and goodies we have to offer, and alongside Jeanne she handles all those exciting logistics that make camp happen! She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in Anthropology. In the off season she can be found on the road traveling for Rockbrook, if you see her at a camp show be sure to ask her about her adorable dog, Chance!

Clyde Carter

Clyde Carter is the Adventure Director at Rockbrook. During the school year, Clyde is the Associate Professor of Recreation/Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education at Brevard College. He has a B.A. from Clemson and a Master’s Degree from Minnesota State University. With his extensive backpacking, rock climbing and whitewater boating experience, he has assisted Rockbrook’s outdoor adventure program for more than 15 years.

Camps Girl Counselor

Rockbrook is a North Carolina Camp well known in the national summer camp movement. Since 1921, Rockbrook camp has enjoyed outstanding leadership. Our current Directors, Sarah and Jeff Carter, each have more than 30 years experience at Rockbrook, and have together held most of the administrative positions at camp throughout their tenure. They are both educators and have taught children in pre-school, elementary, middle, high school, college and graduate school.

Prior to the Carters, Rockbrook’s directors were also known for their leadership. Our senior staff members and directors have had experience in education, child development, and experiential programs. The majority of our seasonal staff have been associated with Rockbrook in the past, as either former campers or counselors. This experience, coupled with further orientation and training, help us provide an excellent camp staff.