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In the now 100 years since Nancy and Henry Carrier opened their home to the 35 original campers, Rockbrook has become a summer youth camp for hundreds of young women. Nancy Carrier began with a vision, and through hard work, established a rich tradition of encouraging girls to try new things, experience nature deeply, make lasting true friends, and learn about themselves. The spirit of Rockbrook is strong today in the hearts of each new generation of Rockbrook girls.

Nancy Barnum Clarke Carrier
Nancy Clark Carrier, Founder

“Mrs. Carrier’s efforts to establish a community where young girls would be given the opportunity of learning about the out-of-doors was a pioneer movement. Through their contacts with friends and friends of friends, Mr. and Mrs. Carrier assembled their staff and on July 6, 1921, they formally welcomed thirty-five eager girls as their initial campers. That evening as Mrs. Carrier came down the hill to the Carrier House, after telling her campers goodnight, she says she felt as though she had put her family to bed. For all ensuing years that was her attitude, and the bond that existed between campers and directors. The girls were most surely like their own children.”

Rockbrook Memories, by Mary Bissell McIver Thompson

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Alumnae Camp Spirit Fire
Early Rockbrook Spirit Fire