And Action!

On Stage Fun

Rockbrook gives everyone a chance to be on stage and perform!

Discover the actress within as you take part in an all-camp musical production. Act, help with costumes and scenery, or sing in the ensemble.

Select the drama activity and play improvisational games, learn about
acting, directing and stagecraft.

Sing your lungs out in the dining hall, or make up a song in an
evening program skit.

Did we Mention Costumes?!

It seems like every day there’s a reason
to dress up at camp.

It might be for a theme of the day, or a part you’re playing in a skit, or an all-camp special event.

At camp, we’re always dressing creatively…
just for the fun of it.

And Dancing!

The Rockbrook dance program is a great way to be creative. Learn new dance styles and choreographed group routines.

Modern, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, folk styles, and more!

So Much Creativity

Rockbrook has a culture of joyful encouragement that celebrates heartfelt expression and creativity.

From costumes to dancing, singing to acting, there are daily opportunities for girls to use their imaginations and feel the freedom of performing for their friends.

Whether it’s having a role in the camp musical, practicing a new move in dance class, showing up for “Granny Bingo” in a grey wig, or belting out a new song at lunch, Rockbrook girls are showing off their talents and enjoying the fun of performance.