Jewelry making is another creative arts and crafts outlet for the girls at Rockbrook. Held on the porch of the historic hillside stone lodge, campers use wire, colorful string and yarns, plus beads and other sparkly ornaments to make necklaces, bracelets, and fun earrings.

Create a friendship bracelet to share with your new camp friends!
Camp Girl string project
Camp Jewelry Beads
Show your creativity by stringing a pattern of beads. Glass, plastic, ceramic, metal and wood— there are so many colorful options.
There are many patterns of bracelets to choose— from simple knots to complex multi-strand versions. When you finish one, you’re bound to start another!
Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Making a bracelet or necklace simple beads and embroidery floss is the first step, but it doesn’t take long for girls to expand their bead choice to include letters, specialty shape beads, or even a special pendant to use as a centerpiece for the necklace.

It’s easy to get started with jewelry making by repeating a single-knot.  This makes a very nice bracelet, but when you’re ready, the instructors are happy to show you a new, more challenging pattern or technique. Try the “toe-tie,” or the “double reverse chevron!” The possibilities seem almost endless!

Most of these jewelry pieces are exchanged between cabin-mates, sometimes even as a secret surprise left in someone’s mailbox! Entire cabins have collaborated to create matching necklaces and bracelets.

Camp Jewelry Making Girls