Research, Writings and Articles about Summer Camp

How to Define Camp

This article considers the challenges of defining “camp.” It discusses what makes an “adequate” definition of “summer camp,” and demonstrates two techniques: the unqiue functions of camp, and the core attributes of camp organizations.

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Why do Kids Love Camp?

Children love camp for many reasons, but this article claims summer camp provides eight important experiences that are ordinarily lacking in kids’ lives throughout the rest of the year. These experiences give camp its power.

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Are Camp Expenses Tax Deductible?

There is some confusion about whether the cost of summer camp can be included as a child care expense on a family’s tax return. This article discusses the crucial difference between a day camp program and an overnight sleepaway camp.

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Why Camp is about Heart

In addition to “21st-century skills” like communication, collaboration, and creativity, summer camp helps children improve their relationships with other people through kindness, caring and respect.

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In Praise of Neoteny

Neoteny, the retention of childlike attributes, is celebrated and fostered at summer camp.  Life at camp keeps our childlike spirit alive, encouraging everyone here, even as we grow older, to be more joyful, playful and creative.

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