Tennis is a traditional sports activity at Rockbrook that has been played at camp since its founding years in the 1920s. It remains a popular daily outdoor activity for the girls, taking place on our cool green rubico clay courts. Even in the summer, they are great surface to play.

Tennis Camp Girl
Grab a racket and handful of bright yellow tennis balls and keep that volley going on one of our clay courts.
One-on-one matches are fun, but so are tennis games! Work with a team to come up with the most creative trick-shot or take part in a crazy relay race.
girl camp tennis game
Tennis kid at summer camp
The tennis courts are also a great place to spend your free time at camp. Meet a friend and hit a while, or join a pick up game of doubles!

Instructors provide campers guidance on the rules and fundamental techniques of tennis, and can accommodate any skill level. Campers learn and practice different techniques for forehand strokes, backhand strokes, serving, and volleys. Girls get time to hone their stance, grip, and hitting style. These skills are practiced through drills and matches.

There are also relay-style games, trick-shot attempts, and sometimes even crazy dance moves that happen on the courts! During free periods, girls can come to the tennis courts on their own to play a match or just hit around for fun.

In a long standing tradition at Rockbrook, we hold a mixed doubles tournament with Boys Camp Carolina at the end of the session. No matter what, for Rockbrook girls, having fun is most important, no matter what the competition.

tennis teen girls