Hodge Podge is a crafts activity that encompasses a true “hodge podge” of creative projects. Every class is different offering a whole range of fun, surprising craft creations— tie-dying, making headbands, sock puppets, and pillows, for example.

girl making a tie-dye t-shirt
Tie-dying is a camp classic. Transform your white t-shirt into a colorful masterpiece!
Hair ties and head bands can always be decorated! Glue on a pompom, or wrap it with strands of ribbon. It’ll be one-of-a-kind!
headband pompom project
camp sock puppet project
It’s fun to make a pillow from fabric and fiberfill, but even better to turn that small pillow into a creature or puppet.

Almost everyone takes Hodge Podge at least once to make their own tie-dye shirt, trying out different folding and tying techniques. Campers can twist and fold the shirt into shapes— a fan, spiral, or bullseye, for example —and then tie the shape with many rubber bands. Armed with squirt bottles of different color dyes, the next step is to add colors to certain spots. It amazing to unwrap the artistic masterpieces the next day, discovering how the colors blended in combination.

The Hodge Podge activity also works with fabrics like bandanas or pillowcases and girls have fun designing with fabric paints and dyes. These fabrics can then be tied or sewn into pillows or small purses.

A wide range of other crafts come out of Hodge Podge, from pipe cleaner animals to headbands. Essentially, this is the place to decorate anything and everything!

finished cool tie dye t-shirt
girl making tie pillow