Archery is a sport where you use a bow to shoot arrows at a target. Historians know it as one of the oldest human activities with arrowheads found that are more than 50,000 years old! Our modern Rockbrook camp girls learn about all aspects of archery: including safety procedures, specialty equipment, and archery shooting techniques at our archery range.

Girl Bow and Arrow Shooting
Learn proper form to pull your bow back and make the perfect shot.
Never tried archery before? Don’t worry; even the youngest girls can learn to shoot!
Girl Archery
Archery Bullseye Kid
Join the infamous RBC Bullseye Club once your arrow hits the middle of the target.

Certified instructors teach campers about protective gear like the “bracer” or “arm guard,” as well as the “tab” or “finger guard.” Girls also spend time learning about bows and the parts of the arrow like the “fletching.” Next, they spend time focusing on standard form and shooting techniques – particularly how to aim!

How old do you have to be to try archery? Well, at Rockbrook, we provide special bows that are easier to pull and shorter arrows to match these smaller bows for smaller (and our youngest!) girls. We can also move the shooting line much closer to the target, so our littlest campers can try out their skills with encouraging results to start with.

One exciting goal is to aim for and hit the most challenging part of the target – a bullseye. With practice, girls can hit multiple bullseyes! Getting a bullseye means that your name is announced in the dining hall because you are now a part of the RBC Bullseye Club.

The girls also have fun playing different archery games like shooting balloons full of paint. When shot and the balloons pop, they make really cool colorful splatters. It’s always a lot of fun to practice your shooting technique at the RBC range.

Teen archery girls