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Girl Horseback Riding Horse

Let’s say you love horseback riding, and you spent just about everyday at the Rockbrook Stables when you were at camp this summer. Certifiably “horse crazy” —that’s you! OK, but now that you’re back at home and not riding as much (if at all), what can you do to keep up with what you learned over the summer? Horseback riding at Rockbrook is great, but what can you do now that you’re back at school?

One thing you can do is watch the instructional horseback riding videos on Youtube. There are several really cool short videos about English horse riding with titles like How to Improve Your Classical Seat, How to Canter, and How to Tack a Horse. Several were filmed at Wimbleton Village Stables in London, and are very well done. Click on over and have a look at a few of these videos. You’ll really enjoy it!

P.S. Have you seen our Rockbrook Horseback Riding Video?


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  1. Avatar for melissa
    13 years ago

    i love riding i rode when i was little and i want to learn more about horsemanship and how to jump me and are friends want to learn all new thing about to ride and just have fun.

  2. Avatar for lisa
    13 years ago

    wow this is so me but i dont go to that stable but i llllllllloooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee horses.