The Rockbrook Songbook

singing songs at night
Singing along at Spirit Fire, 2012

Singing is a HUGE part of life at Rockbrook and is something that every camp generation can share.  We hear fabulous stories from our alumnae of camp songs being sung at weddings, college events, in the middle of a restaurant, or even when you run into a friend at the grocery store.  The songs are in a way a history of camp. What is it about those fun camp songs that sticks with you forever?

Because singing is such a big part of camp life at Rockbrook, we are in the process of updating our famous camp songbook.  Over the years some songs drifted out of popularity, while new ones “came into fashion”.  Songs like “Liberty” and “When the Moon Plays Peek A Boo” were very popular in the 60’s while songs like “The Coconut Song” and “Yogi Bear” are a few current hits.  With our new songbook we hope to include ALL of the camp songs from the Rockbrook repertoire.  That is where you come in!  We do not have a songbook from the 20’s-40’s.  If anyone has an old songbook or can send us any information about the songs from the early years of Rockbrook we would SO appreciate your help.

camp songbook
The Rockbrook Songbook, 1970

Now that camp songs are running through your mind, go an listen to our archive of Rockbrook Camp songs!


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  1. Avatar for Sherri Schwenke
    Sherri Schwenke
    3 years ago

    Greetings! I seem to have misplaced my old songbook (moved many times) and am hoping to get it replaced. How can I get one now?

  2. Avatar for Jeff Carter
    Jeff Carter
    3 years ago

    Hi Sherri! Just send an email to the office and we’ll be happy to mail you a copy. “Steadily we’ll face the world so fearlessly!”

  3. Avatar for Carmen Silesky
    Carmen Silesky
    3 years ago

    Hello I lost my precious songbook, will love to have the lyrics again because I have forgotten some, is there a place in the website where I can find them?

    Thanks and regards,