Singing songs is a daily experience at Rockbrook camp for girls. We sing them at mealtime in the dining hall, sometimes during evening programs, or even on the bus riding to an out-of-camp activity!

Some of the songs are as old as the camp (almost 100 years) and others are recently added. Some are more serious, for example about the incredible friendships we make at camp. Others are as silly as can be, like the one about a baby shark, a bear named yogi, or a dew coat.

Many of these camp songs have hand motions, even dance moves, plus different versions to sing at different events. At Rockbrook, there are so many girl camp songs, we have an entire book filled with everyone’s favorites.

Here are many of the Rockbrook Camp songs. Click on any song title to hear it, and learn the melody.

You can also read and learn the lyrics by clicking the icon to the right of each song title!

Pep Songs

Core Songs

Daily Life Songs

Camp Spirit Songs

Funny Songs

Activity Songs

Line Songs

Traditional Songs

Songs to Others