Talent and Creativity

Another way that we celebrate our time together as a community is the performance of the session’s musical. Yes, believe it or not, a group of dedicated campers— 36 in all —plus 4 staff members this session, have been working to produce a musical that they can perform for the rest of the camp. This session was just shy of three weeks long, so these folks had to work fast. Together, they met almost daily to learn songs, rehearse choreographed dances, and memorize lines for the show. Today, we all enjoyed their hard work, talent and creativity.

summer camp lemur makeup

The show was a performance of Madagascar Jr., a musical based on the popular DreamWorks movie. It follows four friends, Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo, and Melman the giraffe, as they find themselves on an adventure escaping from their home at the New York Zoo and ending up on the island of Madagascar. Along the way, they meet a squad of very capable penguins, and a troupe of lemurs led by the eccentric King Julien. The story unfolds with Alex wrestling with his predatory instincts, and King Julien’s hope that the newcomers to the island can somehow protect the lemurs from cat-like predators called the Foosa.

The show is funny and entertaining. The campers played all the parts, and sang the familiar musical numbers, the highlight being the whole cast singing “I Like to Move It.” It was great fun to watch. I appreciated seeing how much fun the girls were having on stage and the cheers of support that came from everyone else in the audience. The duet sung by Alex and Marty called “Best Friends” was my favorite because it expressed so sweetly the importance of friendship and loyalty… perfect for camp! Looking around, it seemed like everyone was really enjoying the show.


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