Let’s Go for a Swim!

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No matter what set of activities you sign up for at camp, there are two times each day when the lake is open for “free swim.” These are right before lunch and right before dinner. It’s up to you how you spend this free time, but it feels really great to jump in the lake for a swim after you’ve spent the day at other activities around camp. You might have been playing basketball with friends in the gym, or climbing the alpine tower, or just walking back from horseback riding, but chances are you’ll be at least little hot and sweaty. It’s summer after all! So head down to the lake, and you can meet up with some of your cabin mates and find out how they’ve been spending their day. The Rockbrook swimming lake is fed by a mountain stream, so as anyone will tell you, it’s guaranteed to cool you off.

Let’s go for a summer swim!


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  1. Avatar for Camp
    14 years ago

    Any camp that still has a lake is awesome. Many newer camps don’t actually have the traditional camp lake. This is what real memories are made of!

  2. Avatar for Kelsie Rae
    Kelsie Rae
    14 years ago

    I decided to look at the website today and was amazed! the new website looks AWESOME!!!!! i love it! good work guys!!!! rbc forever.