The Fun was Multiplied

Girls Camp Arrivals

Today we proved it again. We proved one of the basic principles of camp, something that we know makes things better… more fun. It’s simply this; if it’s good to do something with a few people, it’s more fun to do it with even more people. Certainly there will be diminishing returns at some point, but generally speaking at camp our fun ramps up further when more kids join in. Games of Gagaball, swimming in the lake, making pottery, kayaking down a river, doing yoga, playing tennis, even relaxing in one of the red rocking chairs on a lodge porch— there’s more conversation, reward, emotion, silliness and fun when we do any of these (and other examples too!) with others. It’s an easy lesson to learn in a place so community-minded as Rockbrook. Being inclusive, friendly, open and generous, leans us all toward each other, encouraging more meaningful relationships. At camp we seek each other out, thrive inter-acting, and enjoy everyday with friends.

Today’s proof came when 75 Mini Session campers arrived and joined the full session girls. Right away, as cabins filled with new smiling faces and new wood-chip name tags were spotted around camp, it felt more festive. It took really no time for these new campers to jump right in, to be hiking, playing tetherball, tying their first friendship bracelet, and romping the hills of camp with their cabin groups.

Camp Cabin Award

Just before lunch, we all gathered on the central hill of camp under the old walnut tree for an assembly. This is a gorgeous shady spot that looks out at the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance, and serves as an amphitheater of sorts for us. Sarah began the assembly by welcoming the new campers to Rockbrook and introducing the directors, special staff members, and head activity instructors. Then we all felt the power of the added enthusiasm provided by these new campers when the Hi-Ups, the oldest girls, led the camp singing the different “Line songs.” Part song and part cheer, I bet folks all over the river valley could here us!

Camper Obstacle Fun
Obstacle Race kids

The best proof came after rest hour when the counselors set up a crazy obstacle course for the campers. We warned them to dress in swimsuits because they were apt to get hot and wet running to each station, challenge and obstacle. Some of these were a little messy, like the color run where blasts of colored powder and water balloons (thrown by a couple of counselors) blocked their path, or the “noodle crawl” that had the girls duck under a net and crawl through an area of wet noodles. Other obstacles were physical, like weaving through a maze, jumping over bales of hay, and stepping from stone to stone along the path.  The obstacle course ended at the landsports field where we had an inflatable water slide and a huge dance party. Snow cones and chilled watermelon, plus lawn sprinklers and an army of counselors armed with water guns, helped keep us cool in the afternoon sun. Face painting, hula hooping, corn hole games, and loads of dancing added to the fun. Karin and Abby, two of our camp photographers, caught most of the action, so be sure to check out the photos in the online gallery. You can tell by all the faces, the fun was multiplied. Good active, messy, fun.  You know it’s been a great camp day when everyone in camp needs a shower before dinner!

Color Run Fun Kids


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  1. Avatar for Joyce Norwood
    Joyce Norwood
    8 years ago

    I loved your beautiful camp. There were so many bright smiling faces. I know that my granddaughter is having the time of her life. Thank you for the wonderful guidance for our young girls.