The Best Job You've Ever Had

Completely Unique

If you are considering becoming a camp counselor, you may have heard from others about why they loved working at a summer camp. A friend might have said, “it was one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences of my life!” You might have heard that being a camp counselor is the “ultimate summer job,” or is positively “magical!” Of all the possible summer jobs out there, some describe working as a camp counselor as “the best job they’ve ever had.”

OK, OK, but what makes it the “best?”

The biggest perk Rockbrook staff receive is the great feeling that comes from simply living life at camp. It’s rewarding, fun, refreshing, meaningful. It’s intense, but also provides plenty of rest and time off to explore the local area. It helps you develop real-world skills that you’ll apply throughout the rest of your life. Sure you get paid, your laundry is done for you, and your room and board is also included, but it’s the full experience that’s so completely unique.

Here are 101 summer camp job perks!

Working at camp means you get to:

  1. Have big fun while you work
  2. Join a friendly and kind community
  3. Take a break from your ordinary routines
  4. Sample some of the 54 different flavors of ice cream at Dolly’s
  5. Earn more money than you think, and with very few expenses
  6. Try new activities
  7. Surround yourself with positive, enthusiastic people
  8. Go on real adventures
  9. Hear bird calls all day long
  10. Sing super silly songs at the top of your lungs
  11. Dance with abandon at dance parties
  12. Sit in the shade and read a book
  13. Become an world-class listener
  14. Feel deep pride when you see your campers succeed
  1. Find entertainment in the real world instead of online
  2. Soak your feet in a mountain creek
  3. Float in a tube at the lake
  4. Use your flashlight every night
  5. Grow your instinct for caring and helping others
  6. Pose for photos with your friends daily
  7. Wear your clothes inside-out for a day
  8. Eat more watermelon than ever before
  9. Relax and unwind at a less hurried pace
  10. Become immersed in the beauty of nature
  11. Expand your leadership skills
  12. Reconnect with your creative side
  13. Make and wear a beaded necklace
  14. Ignore the news with no consequences
  15. Rely on teamwork multiple times each day
  1. Play tetherball
  2. Chill out your social media habits
  3. Roll down a grassy hill
  4. Build a chaco tan to die for
  5. Live and play in the great outdoors
  6. Watch dozens of sunsets
  7. Learn more about yourself than you thought possible
  8. Hug a horse
  9. See cooperation in action
  10. Join a madcap relay race
  11. Be totally OK with your messy hair
  12. Take an afternoon nap most days
  13. Laugh out loud every day
  14. Catch an orange newt
  1. Look forward to US Mail more than ever
  2. Ignore how many “likes” you get
  3. Make and receive friendship bracelets
  4. Be a camper’s favorite thing about camp
  5. Sport that pair of goofy sunglasses
  6. Fall asleep listening to forest sounds
  7. Lean into all kinds of conversations
  8. Understand shaving cream fights
  9. Take on the important responsibility of caring for a child
  10. Count mountain tops off in the distance
  11. Make the perfect s’more
  12. Jump for joy because you’re incredibly happy
  13. Resolve a disagreement between two friends
  14. Star in a musical skit
  15. Experience a new part of the country
  1. Cheer on your team ’till you’re hoarse
  2. Feel genuine support from everyone around you
  3. Expand your comfort zone
  4. Sip free coffee and tea every morning
  5. Realize that rain won’t slow you down
  6. Accept a hula-hooping challenge
  7. Breathe deeply mountain fresh air
  8. Provide heartfelt comfort when a camper is homesick
  9. Be your most true self
  10. Write real hand-written letters
  11. Lie on your back counting stars
  12. Run out of clean towels until laundry day
  13. Have access to free bandaids
  14. Swim under a waterfall
  1. Celebrate all things zany
  2. Return to your childhood sense of wonder
  3. Be a role model for kids in so many ways
  4. Hug an old-growth tree
  5. Have regular time for reflection
  6. Practice your porch rocking chair technique
  7. Learn ancient camp lingo
  8. Go swimming everyday
  9. Discover a true home away from home
  10. Get plenty of daily exercise
  11. Meet people from many different places
  12. Smell the wood smoke of a campfire
  13. Teach kids skills they’d never learn at home
  14. Study a jar of tadpoles
  15. Blast down a slip-n-slide
  1. Make incredibly strong, life-long friends
  2. Hear dozens of silly jokes
  3. Develop an appreciation for sprickets
  4. Rock a pink tutu while playing tennis
  5. Make an amazing tie-dye t-shirt
  6. Help children manage their free time
  7. Find your passion for gagaball
  8. Dress like a granny, a disco queen, or anything in between
  9. Explore beautiful places on your time off
  10. Make a positive difference in the world
  11. Do a cannonball off the diving board
  12. Wear casual, relaxing clothes all day
  13. Get the best sleep of your life
  14. Find a healthy balance of your life habits
  15. Bank terrific memories and new stories to tell

See? With all these perks, being a camp counselor really is the best!