Will you dance with me??

Dance at Summer Camp

It was lunch time when the girls got the announcement. The dining hall was completely filled with excited screams and a little bit of nervous laughter. Tonight was the dance. All the girls wanted to shower and get freshened up for those Camp Carolina boys, but unfortunately, due to the massive amount of rain and mud that afternoon… cleaning up was a little harder than most would’ve liked.

The boys arrived soon after dinner, and the dance was on its way. The thing I love about the dance is it’s not even about dancing with the boys, it’s about dancing with your campers. I know it was a great bonding experience for me and my girls. I mean, what bonds you better than dancing crazy to some Backstreet Boys and totally being silly!? I was dancing with one of my campers and later that night she told me that dance had been her favorite because I was the one dancing with her!


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  1. Avatar for Colleen Jaworski
    Colleen Jaworski
    17 years ago

    when was the dance?
    Is there going to be a dance for the June 29-July 9 ( I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!)?

  2. Avatar for RBC
    17 years ago

    Hi Colleen,

    Oh, yes, there’s going to be a dance. You can count on it, but when it will be is a surprise! 🙂