The Heart of Rockbrook

The 2011 Carrier Pigeon, our annual summer yearbook, is at the printer right now in preparation for sending out over the holiday.  It is filled with so many wonderful stories and memories of the past summer. There are so many highlights, we thought we would share a few with you!  The fun, friends and feeling of Rockbrook never changes, whether it is 1921 or 2011!

Splashing and laughing
in the rocky creek,
with our tangled hair
and our soaking wet feet;
In the dining hall
we all loudly sing,
then at rest hour flop down
and don’t say a thing.

Cabinmates are like sisters,
and friends ever better,
everyone’s hoping
to receive a letter.
Walking along
a quiet forest trail
or running a brush
through a horse’s soft tail.
In hilarious evening skits
every girl has a part,
In this beautiful wooded mountain,
you can tell why we’re called the heart.
       —Miriam E.

Old Camp Photo


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  1. Avatar for susan howe wain
    susan howe wain
    9 years ago

    Dear Rockbrook, We think our mother went to your camp. And a recent trip up your way made me think of a song that was created by the campers of about 1921. So in the interest of history I have written down a few lines I remembered my mother singing to us: Down the French Broad River where the rapids are You aught to see us shoot them like a shooting star! But the roughest, toughest , roughest ones by far are the ones we did not see! I hope this is the right camp! Our mother was R. Mary James from Hamlet, NC

    Her father was Dr. William Daniel James I also had a cousin that may have gone here, Sally James from Hamlet , her father was Dr. William Duer James Look forward to you comments! Susan my husband and I live at Wrightsville Beach, 819 South Lumina Avenue, 28480

  2. Avatar for susan howe wain
    susan howe wain
    9 years ago

    looking forward to your response