Summer Sleepaway Camp Memories

Summer Sleepaway Camp Catalog

“I have too many fond memories of camp to pick just one! It depends on my mood. Sometimes it is the memory of the candles reflecting in the lake at Spirit Fire. Sometimes it is all the singing we used to do (& the many, many songs I still know by heart). Sometimes it is the zany pranks and fun, kooky things that let us express ourselves so comfortably, like Kangaroo Court. And sometimes it is just the remembered pleasure of sorting mail in Goodwill on a rainy, misty day while everyone else was at lunch — and how the sound of singing would carry over from the Dining Hall. And the sound of the bells in the morning . . . Oh, just everything, then. (Except the spiders in the rafters!)”
— an Alumnae from the 1980s

P.S. This is the cover photo for the 1961 camp catalog!


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  1. Avatar for kristen
    16 years ago

    Dear rbc and everyone who reads this comment,

    My name is Kristen. I went to Rockbrook last year and remember everyone and everything very well. Just like the writer of this article I could never pick one thing at Rockbrook as my favorite, I loved it all so much! Since I will be attending rbc only every other year I’ve been doing everything I could do to reflect on my experience at RBC including reading the blog. This was another great thing that makes reading the blog so nice while waiting for camp!

  2. Avatar for Natasha Day
    Natasha Day
    16 years ago

    I really think it will be fun. But i have a question how old do you have to be.