An Overnight Equestrian Camp

Equestrian Camp Rider

For horse crazy girls, overnight equestrian camps really are the best way to enjoy riding with friends and to quickly improve their riding skills. If you take riding lessons at home, coming to camp for a few weeks lets you learn from new instructors. This can be really helpful because you’ll receive different coaching and probably learn something you’ve never even heard before. Also, the horses at equestrian camps are excellent. Rockbrook’s horses are schooled throughout the year, and have many years experience working with camp kids. And because Rockbrook is an overnight camp, its equestrian camps give you even more opportunity to be with the horses. There’s always extra time to help with feeding and other barn chores. If you’re a complete beginner or an advanced rider, you’ll love the fun of Rockbrook’s equestrian program, but also be surprised how much you learn as well.


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  1. Avatar for Robin
    15 years ago

    hi my name is robin cole. i am 11 years old and only know how to stop,walk slow down, and turn. i also know how to mount and dismount. can i come to your camp

  2. Avatar for ngnoble
    15 years ago

    I am a camper of 6 yrs this summer, they take any level of rider from never been on a horse to a jumper! They are so nice and it’s so much fun!