How to Play Dizzy Lizzy

Outdoor Kids Game Dizzy Lizzy

Here’s how to play Dizzy Lizzy, a great outdoor game for kids to try. It’s actually a relay, a game where two or more teams race each other while completing some challenging task or overcoming some kind of obstacle.

In this case, members of each team line up and one by one run a ways out to a baseball bat on the ground. There they have to put their forehead on the bat, and keeping the other end on the ground, spin around the bat a few times (usually 3, 4 or 5 times). Needless to say, this makes you quite dizzy, and then comes the most difficult part— running back to your team so the next person can go. It’s always pretty funny to see a dizzy person try to run in a straight line, and pretty fun to try it yourself!

Next time you need a fun outdoor game for kids, give it a try!

P.S. One safety note: Be sure to play on a level, open patch of grass. You don’t want to run into something when you’re that dizzy!


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  1. Avatar for olivia flores
    olivia flores
    16 years ago

    I need kids outdoors games. If you can send me some ideas.

    thank you

  2. Avatar for tnock
    15 years ago

    We love this game! We have played this game in gym and for Field Day and the kids love it.