Girls Horses

Painted hand print horse

How many horses did Rockbrook have in its horseback riding program this past summer? With all those girls at camp wanting to ride horses, you might guess we had a lot! Some from St. Andrew’s College Equine Studies program, some from Sweet Briar College Equine Studies program, and some of Rockbrook’s own horses, we had 26 in all. Enough horses and ponies to let every rider, at every level of riding experience, ride almost every day.

Read more about the equestrian program at Rockbrook Camp.


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  1. Avatar for jade
    17 years ago

    i love this website and also i love horses!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar for Sarah Garner
    Sarah Garner
    17 years ago

    I Love horses to death!!!!!! They are my Fav. Animals!! Me and my BEST FRIEND love horses and take Lessons!!!!