Adventure for Girls

Girls Climbing Camp Adventure

Girls of all ages get at least a taste of adventure while at camp. Even the youngest girls (who, having finished kindergarten, can be as young as 5 years old!) are able to gear up and climb our 50ft Alpine Tower. Even before leaving the ground it’s an adventure— fitting the helmet, tightening the harness, clipping the rope to everything, and learning the belay commands. This kind of outdoor adventure camp activity introduces girls to a few technical details of climbing while at the same time providing a nice balance of physical and personal challenges. It’s balancing up little holds and remaining calm and focused despite a fear of heights.  All good things!


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  1. Avatar for ????????
    15 years ago

    that reminds me of the blind girls club!

  2. Avatar for ngnoble
    15 years ago

    oh yeah I got in to that! It was really cool because I’ve climb the tower for about 5 years now and that was a new way to go up.