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A Rockbrook Moth
Rainy Day View

As my 13th session at Rockbrook comes to a close, the image of a circle keeps coming to mind. The circle of life is ever apparent and intimately experienced when much of your time is spent outside. The circle of cause and effect is somehow more immediate here. Hellos and goodbyes cycle round and round, and are felt to the core by most who pass through this space. The rain comes down, then it gently lifts back up to the sky, and then falls back down on the mountains once again. We even sing songs about silver and gold friendships, and we sing them in rounds. “A circle is round. It has no end. That’s how long I want to be your friend.” All of these circles are never ending, just as circles should be. I know this because I have seen these particular circles since my first year of camp, when I was eight years old. The depth and intensity of their colors may vary, but they are part of why Rockbrook keeps calling me home.


“Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get.” These truths apply wherever you go in life, but I have realized this summer that this circle is closer and more immediate here at camp than anywhere else that I’ve lived. I don’t know if that is because we all live closely together in this beautiful microcosm of humanity, but I know that it happens. Speaking to a friend at the beginning of camp, we pondered on what made a specific person so magnetic and universally loved by all. We noticed that this person offered up her spirit wholly and unguarded. In a world that is often cautious and fearful, her openness and undiluted truth was beautiful to those around her. So she was surrounded by unguarded love and truth and beauty. I saw countless examples of this among people of all ages here at camp. Those who gave themselves fully and without reservation were met with like gifts ten fold. Even those with gray clouds and walls around them early on, were affected by all the positivity and unconditional love around them. They began to give off light, and it shone right back on them even more brightly. And it didn’t take long. Maybe life is more like a multifaceted mirror. Maybe that mirror is round, like a disco ball of light and color.

Until Next Summer

The Thursday before last was the first time I had ever been here for a Closing Day that wasn’t my day to leave as well. This took me out of my own feelings, changed my perspective, and brought into clear focus the intensity and beauty of emotion in that day. I had been there on Opening Day and seen campers say hesitant goodbyes to their parents, (and for many,) happy hellos to their camp friends. Now I was seeing them come full circle, with tearful goodbyes to friends and ecstatic hellos to parents. The emotion was palpable. As I looked through my camera lens, I was moved by the utter rawness of the feelings I saw. The joy was just as intense as the heartache, and it was all being felt at the same time.

So as this session comes to a close, I take solace in knowing that the circle keeps going around and we will be in this place again. I hope to hold tightly to the truth that what I experience is simply a reflection of what I am putting out there. I take with me a deeper understanding of how connected we all are. Sarah read us the words of Chief Seattle at our first chapel this session. His words illustrate this interconnectedness far better than I ever could: “Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

Dolly Robertson Herron
Camp Mom

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  1. Avatar for Kati Karamanis
    Kati Karamanis
    10 years ago

    Thank you Dolly for a wonderful blog. I love what Rockbrook has provided for my children, and as an unexpected blessing I too benefit from the magic of this mountain. I can smile and love and laugh, as well as cleanse my soul with tears that need to be shed. Resetting my soul has become something I “need” from Rockbrook every year. Thank you Sarah and Jeff for the gift you give my children and the spiritual cleansing you unknowingly have given me.♡

  2. Avatar for Marguerite Mcleod
    Marguerite Mcleod
    10 years ago

    Oh Darling Dolly!
    I can hardly type for the blur of glad tears in my eyes! I “echo” and agree with Kati Karamanis. What a transparent expression of pure elevation of spirit! Thank you for EVERYTHING you have shared with my girls and me and ALL of Rookbrook! Your exuberant soul carries joy and spills over to each person you touch! Each one of those will carry your influence home and expand that circle to those in their lives just like the small pebble dropped in a pond… Thank you! The photos gave me such complete satisfaction in getting to share, even if from afar, some of the delight my girls have been so privileged to encounter!
    May that red bird’s song forever echo on!