Equestrian Camp NC

NC Equestrian Camp

Going to an equestrian camp, a summer camp that offers a quality horseback riding program, is one of the best things you can do to improve your riding skills. It gives you a chance to ride new and different horses, learn from new instructors, to hear about different techniques, and to simply practice everything in a new environment. Along these lines, riding at camp introduces you to new horses and their different personalities. Overall, attending a horse camp program helps diversify your riding skills, experience and horsemanship knowledge. And of course, it’s a lot of fun too! 🙂


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  1. Avatar for A Florida girl!
    A Florida girl!
    16 years ago

    do u all supply helmets/riding breeches/shoes? or should we buy or bring our own? thx -FL girl

  2. Avatar for RBC
    16 years ago

    Hi FL Girl,

    We supply everything you need to ride, even down to the boots! Of course, plenty of girls bring their own too. That’s perfectly fine. We just have all the equipment because some people are new to riding or they just don’t have it themselves.