Equestrian Jumping at Summer Camp

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One of the most common questions we receive about our equestrian summer camp for kids is if girls can learn how to jump.  Naturally, equestrian jumping is an advanced skill and it requires a great deal of practice and knowledge to do it safely.  That’s why, while the answer is “yes, you can learn how to jump,” you must first be good at most other horseback riding techniques.  Equestrian jumping requires a high level of accomplishment that you have to work up to.  Step by step, you’ll have the right amount of challenge added to your lessons, and eventually you’ll be ready for jumping.  With good personal instruction and well-trained horses like those at the Rockbrook summer equestrian program, kids can learn how to jump.  Over your time at camp, you’ll be really good!


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  1. Avatar for Iris
    16 years ago

    It’s wrong to say whether girls can learn horse riding or not.

    What Equestrian riding requires is a constant practice and a good instructor, if you get these both, I think any boy or girl can learn it.

  2. Avatar for Deanna Young
    Deanna Young
    10 years ago

    Hey I have been looking to get into a summer ridkng camp for a while I do havd a few questions though my first is how much would it run u to go for a full week and my second question is do u choose the horses people get or can we bring our own horse