Congratulations Kristin and James!

Rockbrook Wedding scene

We were so happy to learn of the recent nuptials of Rockbrook alumna Kristin Abele.  Kristin and her husband James were married on January 14th in Key Biscayne, Florida.  A mini Rockbrook reunion took place as Kristin’s sisters Lauren and Madi (both former campers), as well as Anne Romatowski and Kelley Hubbell were in attendance.  Kelley, Anne and Lauren were even able to come to Florida a week early for a some fun adventures before the big event.  Kristin reported that lots of camp songs were shared that week, even at the wedding.  We love that Rockbrook spirit!  Kristin even mentioned that many of the wedding guests could instantly recognize the special bond that all RBC girls share!

Rock and Roll Camp girls
Rockbrook Spirit

Here is an update from Kristin herself:

“As an update for me…aside from getting married…I started my own business, with my husband in fact. We own and operate The Found Gen, which is a story/scripting group based in Miami that offers writing and editing services with an emphasis on marketing to businesses–we write copy for websites, blogs, newsletters, email marketing campaigns, proposals, marketing presentations, film scripts, commercial scripts, keynote speeches and more–and now after our wedding, we’ve even started getting requests for wedding ceremonies now! And, I completed my first novel last year and now that the wedding has come and gone–i’m aiming to edit it and send it out to be published this Spring.”

Congratulations Kristin and James!  We are so happy for you both.

Rockbrook Wedding Fun
Kelley, Kristin, Madi, Lauren and Anne


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  1. Avatar for Kelly Greene
    Kelly Greene
    12 years ago

    I love this post!! Congrats Kristen! So happy RBC girls were able to attend!!!

  2. It seriously is no joke–we busted out singing “Smile, Pep,” “Here We Are,” the Hi-Up song and more. Happy to be RBC girls to the core!