A cold day at the Rockbrook lake

Ice skating on Rockbrook Camp lake
Nancy Carrier and her children,  Henry and Helen, enjoyed a cold day at the frozen Rockbrook lake. We think this photo was taken in the 1930’s.

We sure have had a cold winter this year in Brevard, but take a look at this photo from our archives. Can you imagine ice skating on the frozen Rockbrook lake? It looks like the Carriers were having a great time sliding around- they didn’t even need ice skates!  These days we drain the lake in the winter, but if we didn’t it would probably look just like this picture.


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  1. Avatar for Kristi Snow
    Kristi Snow
    14 years ago

    That looks so cool! What is that building behind them on the right? I don’t recognize it.

  2. Avatar for Jeff
    14 years ago

    Right behind them is the Lakeview Lodge, and further back, to the left a bit, you can see the cabins (maybe 7 & 8 ) of the lower line. Today you can see them because of the think woods back there. Pretty cool!