4th of July… Camp Style

Watermelon Picnic

The 4th of July began with everyone waking up to the sound of horses running down the cabin lines, and the equestrian staff yelling “The British are coming; wake up; wake up!!” Dressed in festive red, white and blue, the riders and their horses made quite a scene. The entire camp stumbled out of their cabins and made their way to hill for a quick flag raising ceremony, ending with everyone reciting the pledge of allegiance.

The rest of the day we enjoyed our regular camp activities… crafts, outdoor adventure, sports, horseback riding.  Then for dinner, Rick prepared an excellent cookout of burgers, corn, chips and watermelon.  We all sat and ate on the hill, and since we had some music playing, sang and danced too.  It was a nice way to spend the  evening.

Capping off the day, everyone gathered again on the hill for a great fireworks display. For about 20 minutes bangs and colorful flashes in the sky entertained us before turning in for the night.  Overall, it was a great day of all-camp activities and holiday celebration fun.


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  1. Avatar for laura
    15 years ago

    im excited to be going to summer camp this year! my mom bought me a ton of clothes from the gap, and all my traveling stuff 🙂

  2. Avatar for ngnoble
    15 years ago

    I luv this picture, most of those girls were in my cabin. i love RBC so much! Cant wait to be a CA this year! stay fun RBC till I get there! B-)