Fly Through the Trees!

Zip Line Adventure

This video (2:25) is a scream! It shows the amazing zip lines, bridges and unique setting of the Rockbrook Camp zip line course.

Transcript — Camp Zip Line Video

Zip Line Kid

Our zip line course here at Rockbrook Camp is very unique. It is built on the mountainside using natural features, and so the campers actually travel through the forest on the mountainside. They travel in front of waterfalls and through rhododendron thickets and over ravines. The final zip is a wild ride across the middle of camp.

Part of the safety standards of the industry is to back up everything we do. So we often use the word redundancy. Everything has a second layer of safety. In case one safety mechanism were to fail, there’s always a second layer to it.

The zip line starts with a hike through the forest. You have to hike up on the side of the mountain to work your way down, and in the course of all the zips, we also have some really amazing bridges that offer the girls a unique challenge as well.

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