Learing to Climb

Camp Rock Climbing

This video (2:23) presents all of the exciting rock climbing opportunities at Rockbrook, both on the camp property and in nearby forests.

Climbing Video Transcript

Climbing challenges you at many levels. First of all, obviously, in the physical realm. You might not think it, but it also challenges you mentally, as well.

So each climb is a puzzle. Each person has to determine how they’re going climb that climb. And so it really gets to be a mental activity, as much as it physical.

We have many avenues for them to climb. We have the Alpine Tower, where they can start to learn the basics, the commands, the basic movement of climbing. And then they can progress also to our indoor climbing gym, or even to our own personal rock, Castle Rock, here on the Rockbrook property.

Those girls who want to progress even further, we offer climbs in the Pisgah National Forrest, up on Looking Glass Rock, or Cedar Rock, where they can push their limits even further.

Rock Climbing Kid

The adventure program here is incorporated into the whole vision of the camp. A girl can connect with nature, and further develop their friendships, as they challenge each other. So it’s one piece of the larger puzzle.

Our philosophy, for one thing, is to let them figure out how to climb the climb themselves. We’ll only give them assistance, as far as where to put a handhold or a foothold, if they ask. Other than that, we want them to learn to wrestle with the rock and figure out the best way to climb it.

Climbing for Girls!

One of the rewards I receive is watching the tiniest girl overcome her fears and accomplish one of the more difficult climbs. So as a child works her way through a climb, not only is she having fun out there, but she’s also learning how to push her comfort zone to actually mentally pull it together and accomplish the task at hand. So there’s some personal growth that takes place, some confidence building.