Beautiful North Carolina

Camp Setting

This video (3:36 minutes) presents the fantastic views and unmatched natural beauty of Rockbrook Camp’s property in North Carolina.

Transcript – Camp Setting Video

Over here is Toxaway Mountain, Hogback Mountain. You have Tennant Mountain, Pilot Mountain and the Shining Rock Wilderness Area. One of those peaks out there is Cold Mountain. The beauty in this area is just amazing. This county is known as the “Land of Waterfalls” and we are fortunate we’ve got three very big waterfalls right here on the property. So our children get the treat of visiting those and looking at some of the other dramatic features such as this cliff right here, and then around the mountain over here is another bigger feature called Dunn’s Rock.

Rockbrook Camp has several waterfalls on its property

The valley floor is located about 2000 feet and, in addition to that, we have Dunn’s Creek that comes right down through the middle of the property, and there is a big waterfall on that called Rockbrook Falls. The setting is a host to some endangered species, some record trees and so it’s been the perfect place for a camp.

They have always traveled to some of the more dramatic places to do some of the activities, but really you don’t have to leave the property. It’s very unusual, to have all the outdoor kinds of specialty activities that we offer located right on the property. We are still located only four and half miles from town. So I guess that’s a haven in the wilderness in that it’s a kind of a wild area located within three four miles from town.

And one of the tenets that all camps are based on, you will always see the term ‘simplicity of life’, and combining that with the wilderness setting, having a camper live in a rustic cabin, with no amenities really except an electric light bulb. It’s a dramatic change for children who come from more complex environment. To live in a simple environment, things boil down to the basics, so that you really can get down to the business of making friends, and learning skills, and gaining self confidence. Doesn’t take long for a child to find out that there is life after telephones and the Internet, televisions, and things like this.

So, you know after a few days at camp, I don’t think they’d trade it. Most of the time, our campers response is that they don’t want to leave, they like to stay right here in their comfortable cabin.