Why Sumer Camp Matters

Important Fun

Everyone knows camp is fun— activities and excitement filling our days. But camp is so much more than that!

Here’s a short video explaining why.

Transcript – Fun that Matters Video

Sure, camp is fun— it’s a place for kids to have a blast trying new activities, laughing and playing all day long with some of their very best friends… but it’s more than that. Camp is fun that matters.

A trip to the Bahamas is certainly a lot of fun, but is it the kind of experience that will have a profound and lasting influence on your daughter?

Getting outside and reconnecting with nature, away from technology… well, that’s part of it, as is the strong sense of community we enjoy… but there’s still more to it than that…

A summer camp experience is important because:

  • It helps girls build self-confidence and resilience by proving they’re successful.
  • It’s supportive and nurturing in ways that help girls conquer their fears.
  • Camp inspires enthusiasm so girls can build strong social skills and make friends easily.
  • It gives girls the opportunity for their independence to blossom.
  • Camp means girls having the freedom to be who they really are, and then truly knowing that it’s OK.
The fun of summer camp matters

As educators we have a strong purpose…you might even call it a mission. At camp that mission is not just for girls to have fun….it’s to plant the seeds that will help your daughter become the best young woman she can possibly be.

So while she’s doing gymnastics, trying archery, learning to weave, being silly, going horseback riding, acting in a musical, or having shaving cream fights, we understand that something else is also happening, something beautiful, something deeply important… you can see it in her eyes…

We invite you to find out more about Rockbrook on our website, or you can just give us a call. Camp… a place for girls to grow.