Camp Videos

This is the Rockbrook Camp Video Gallery. It brings together several videos about RBC— our main full-length video, and short videos that focus on the history, setting, food, lines and creative outlets at camp. Take a few minutes and watch them all!

Rockbrook Summer Camp Video

This is our full camp video (18:38) introducing you to what makes Rockbrook special.

Rockbrook Camp Staff Video

Being a Rockbrook Counselor video (7:21)— learn how to be an ideal Rockbrook Staff member

Horse Program Video

Rockbrook Riding video (3:54)— horseback riding and camp, the Rockbrook way.

Summer Camp Lines Video

The Lines of Rockbrook video (4:07)— understanding the age groups and leadership progression at Rockbrook.

Summer Camp Creativity Video

The Arts of Rockbrook video (3:32)— exploring the ways Rockbrook inspires creativity.

Summer Camp Food Video

A Taste of Rockbrook video (4:03)— a peek into the magic of the Rockbrook kitchen and the great food at camp.

Video Explaining why camp matters

Camp is Fun that Matters video (1:58)— examining why camp is so much more than fun.

Summer Camp History Video

The History of Rockbrook video (5:34)— a brief look into the founding of the camp and its directors.

Summer Camp Setting Video

The Setting of Rockbrook video (3:37)— examining the natural beauty of the camp.

For even more camp videos, including clips from this past summer, visit our camp YouTube Channel.