An Experience to Last a Lifetime

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Camp is fun.  There are shaving cream fights, muffin breaks, kayaking trips, Dolly’s visits, hiking overnights, funny skits, and so much more.  However, camp is about way more than the present experience. The entire Rockbrook experience is meant to last us a lifetime.  It is about building character traits that will help us later in life — confidence, independence, individuality, and so on.  It is about being with nature.  Camp is about making friends who won’t leave our side.  The spontaneity, the adventure, the laughter and the FUN found at camp will stay with us long after we leave the Heart of the Wooded Mountain.

At Rockbrook, our mission is:

“To provide a haven for girls,

RBC's Mission










a place of their own,

RBC Mission












where they can explore the beauty of nature,

RBC Mission












try new things,

RBC Mission











enjoy carefree summer living,

RBC Mission












and make some of their very best friends.”

rbc mission













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  1. patricia says

    I can truly say I have never seen a camp like this at all but I will have to wait for one or two years to be able to afford to go to this camp I am all the way from CT.

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