Girls Gymnastics Camps


Girls at Gymnastics Camp

The gymnastics camp activity at Rockbrook is designed for girls who want to explore gymnastics as a sport for recreation and personal growth. It is one activity offered as part of our overall traditional summer camp program and is not really for girls who want to train for gymnastics competitions (like this gymnastics camp). Instead we focus on offering instruction in fundamental gymnastic skills and techniques, activities that will be both fun and helpful no matter what your gymnastics background. Our instructors teach children’s gymnastics classes throughout the school year, so they are well prepared to design different lessons for the different age groups and ability levels. Ready… flip!


11 Responses to "Girls Gymnastics Camps"
  1. Lizzie says

    Is rockbrook camp open this summer? Me and my friend have been looking all over for cheer camps and haven’t found one.

  2. sarah says

    is this still open… because it says its open on November 16, 2007. so i dont know if this is still going on. please let me know soon.

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