Sarah Reed Carter

I was slow to start my camp career! A timid youngster, I finally agreed to try camp at age 16. I quickly realized how much fun it was and all I had been missing. To make up for lost time, I spent the next 9 summers at Rockbrook. It was here I met Jeff and where we got married. We tried some different careers, but camp called us back. Now that we have two camp-age daughters (Eva is starting her 12th summer, and this will be Lily’s 7th summer!), it is a real family affair. All year long, we talk about the camp people and wonder how they are, we think of fun things to try at camp, and we count down the days til summer.

Fun Facts

A Surprising Thing About Me

As a child, I spent a summer in Afghanistan.

With an hour of free time, I like to...

make crafts or bake with the kids

Sing, Dance, or Both?


Last Book I Read?

"Before She Knew Him", by my college pal Peter Swanson

Favorite Camp Food

Tamales! Pumpkin Muffins!