Third Session Video Highlights

Describing camp life, revealing what makes simply being here loved by the girls at Rockbrook, is really difficult. Of course, we try all the time —by writing regular blog posts, and posting hundreds of photos to our online gallery— but the experience is too rich, too complex, and too emotional to convey completely.

Fortunately, there is video, and we have a great one to show you. Robbie Francis of Go Swan Filmworks has been working with us this summer to produce several short videos about Rockbrook.  Here is his most recent.

Take a look! You will love it.

P.S. Be sure to have the volume turned up. Hearing camp is amazing!

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  1. Avatar for Kathleen Kauffman
    Kathleen Kauffman
    9 years ago

    Best short video yet!! I love it. We are lucky to have Robbie Francis!!!