Sleep Away Camp Girls

Sleep Away Girls Camp

When you ask people who attended a sleep away camp when they were a kid, you’ll find that they recall the experience, not only fondly, but also as one of the most important things they did as a child. And this is true for just about everybody you ask, not just the occasional “camp fan.”

A famous example here is Michael Eisner and his book about camp. There’s a lot to it, and we’ve discussed the benefits of attending camp before, but this photo speaks to the empowerment and self confidence girls often develop at summer camp. Being away from home and parents, being challenged and succeeding in different activities, and being friends with so many different types of people— all weave together to give camp its secret power.

Take that power gained as a child and watch it do great things in adults!


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  1. Avatar for dana
    17 years ago

    is this and american camp? and what things would you do at this camp?? and if it is american what is a website with canadian camps?

  2. Avatar for Lacy
    17 years ago

    is this camp free … what thigs could you do? is this a fun camp how old do u haveto be? when does it start